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The Grove of the Master Sword - Zelda: A Link to the Past inspired t-shirt design!

It’s dangerous to go topless. Take this t-shirt!

After a brief hiatus, Gametee is back with a fantastic new t-shirt design to say thank you to all our backers in our Kickstarter Campaign!

Inspired by Zelda: A Link to the Past, this design features the iconic Master Sword, ready to be pulled from the stone by the hero of time.

We also have incredible news regarding the production of officially licensed goods at Gametee! We have the support of some of the world’s largest and most artistically significant developers, and we cannot wait to bring you more information regarding our upcoming partnerships!

Next unlock at £10,000!

Visit our Kickstarter page to help out, and don’t forget to visit  for our mugs, prints, and sneaky peeks at our upcoming products!

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